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Why Do My Feet Itch During Pregnancy?

A condition that women may observe during pregnancy can be itchy feet. Other symptoms that may be experienced include extreme fatigue, loss of appetite or vomiting, which may indicate serious health complications. If the feet experience severe itching, this may be referred to as cholestasis, and this condition typically affects the liver. Additionally, vitamin deficiencies…

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Pregnancy and Foot Health

Many pregnant women complain about foot pain while they are expecting. Foot pain can primarily be caused by weight gain and hormonal changes taking place in the body. By understanding how pregnancy impacts the health of a woman’s feet, a pregnant woman can take action to keep her feet as healthy and comfortable as possible.…

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How to Prevent Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

It is common for pregnant women to experience changes in their feet throughout their pregnancy. Pregnant women may notice that their feet will become swollen, and their arches may become flatter. If you are dealing with swollen feet, you may be wondering what can be done to help the swelling go down. Compression stockings can…

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