Laser Foot Treatments

MLS or Multi-wave Lock System is a highly advanced, effective, safe, and proven breakthrough in laser therapy.
It provides safe treatment for acute and chronic sufferers of painful foot conditions by radiating specific wavelengths of light, resulting in an anti-inflammatory / anti-edema tissue effect.

Laser Foot Treatment
preventing hiking foot injuries

Get back on your feet, faster

Cells repair themselves faster reducing inflammation and providing fast pain relief. As little as 10 minutes of a painless treatment can help patients find relief.  With over 90% of patients experiencing positive results, it is an option not to overlook.

MLS Robotic Laser Therapy has a cumulative effect with an average series of three to six treatments prescribed over several days. Patients often see results after the first treatment. This innovative laser therapy gets patients back on their feet faster eliminating the need for medication, painful injections or surgery.  For acute and chronic sufferers of plantar fasciitis and other foot conditions, MLS Laser Therapy can be the solution you are seeking.

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