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When Should I Call a Podiatrist?

If you’re experiencing some type of foot problem, you might be wondering if you should see a podiatrist. Around 77% of individuals in the U.S. have experienced foot problems or pain in their lifetime. However, only a third of them have actually sought out the help of a doctor of podiatry. Here you’ll learn some…

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When to Buy New Running Shoes

Running, as a form of exercise, is an effective way to promote overall wellness and improved health, both physically and emotionally. However, it can be hard on the body if proper running shoes are not worn and maintained. Runners should pay special attention to the most important of all accessories to ensure optimal foot health…

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Athlete’s Foot: What You Should Know

Athletes Foot What You Should Know

Athlete’s foot affects the upper layer of the skin on your foot and is considered a fungal infection. It is also sometimes referred to as a tinea pedi. The fungus responsible for athlete’s foot is Trichophyton. It can be found in clothing and on floors and is the most common fungal infection. Some 70% of…

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Can The DASH Diet Help Stop Gout?

Can The DASH Diet Help Stop Gout

Gout is a common, yet painful condition that causes stiffness in the joints, swelling and intense pain. It is considered a type of arthritis and can flare up rapidly and then return over and over again. This recurrence of the condition will often harm the inflamed tissues and cause even more intense pain. Therefore, getting…

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Ankle Sprains: What You Should Know

Ankle Sprains What You Should Know

If you have ever played a sport of any kind or even completed any physical task, you have likely experienced a painful ankle sprain. Of course, ankle sprains are most common in soccer and football players, but they can happen to anyone. An ankle sprain occurs when the ligaments in your ankle are damaged. Ligaments…

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Bunions: What You Need to Know

Bunions Doctors close to Mesa Arizona

A bunion, which is scientifically referred to as hallux valgus, presents itself as a bump on the side of the big toe. However, the disorder is progressive, which means they tend to get worse over time and develop slowly. It often begins when the big toe starts leaving inward. This slowly moves the current angle…

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What are Orthotics?

What are Orthotic Devices

Also known as orthoses, orthotics refers most often to inserts or devices, which are custom-made to fit within a person’s shoe. These devices are designed to correct specific issues. The premise behind their purpose is to help people run, walk and even stand more comfortably and efficiently. Read on to learn more about orthotics and…

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What Are Heel Spurs?

What are heal spurs

When you read the term “heel spur” you likely picture a painful foot condition, with sharp shooting or chronic pain. This would be an accurate description of the common condition known as a heel spur– on some occasions–, while in others they are painless. Read on to learn more about heel spurs, their causes and…

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How to Take Care of Your Feet

How to Take Care of Your Feet

Although the feet are one of the less attractive parts of your body, they deserve pampering, just like any other member. In fact, because they form the foundation upon which your body stands and walks, you might even say that your feet deserve extra attention. After all, without them, your mobility would most certainly be…

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Seven Things to do When Your Feet Ache

Foot Pain Doctor Mesa AZ

Our feet take us from place-to-place, hold us up as we go throughout our day and endure the regular abuse/overuse we bestow upon them. This is especially true when we spend hours on our feet due to work. Sometimes, as a result, our feet begin to ache. Thankfully, there are some ways you can remedy…

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