Woman’s feet in foot bath mid-pedicure in salon

After a never-before-experienced spring season full of pandemic-induced shut-downs and isolation, we have finally arrived at summer! Also known as the beginning of pedi-season and the reemergence of regular life. Before you visit your favorite salon, be sure to follow the seven tips listed below to ensure the health of your feet

1.) Make Sure Both the Salon & Technicians Are Licensed

Selecting a salon that is licensed along with employing only licensed technicians is a deal breaker. Each technician should have their license displayed, and the salon license should also be easy to find. If you don’t see these all-important documents, don’t be shy about asking to see them. If they can’t produce these documents, move along and find another salon for your pedicure

2.) Ensure Both Instruments & Salon are Clean

Cleanliness is vitally important to ensuring a safe pedicure experience. Make sure all the instruments used and the salon itself is clean. Instruments should be disinfected and sanitized. Look for the blue-colored Barbicide to indicate the right sanitation is taking place. If you aren’t sure about how instruments are cleaned, ask. 

3.) Consider What Type of Foot Bath is Used

There are two main types of foot baths offered at nail salons, piped and pipe-free. Ask for the pipe-free variety. The pipes can hide dirt and dead skin if not properly cleaned. If you aren’t sure if a tub is piped or not, in general, if they fill up the bath with a removable faucet, it’s pipe-free. 

4.) Keep in Mind: Disposable Items Shouldn’t be Reused

Make sure items/tools are opened fresh before each use. Items like buffers or foot files are safest if they are one use only, then disposed of between clients. 

5). Avoid The Cuticle Stick, Embrace The Pumice Stone

Cuticle sticks are infection hotspots, so avoid them when possible and opt for a pumice stone instead. Keep in mind, even if the cuticle stick is sterilized properly, the act of pushing your skin back can cause infections and lead to ingrown toenails, so avoiding it is a good idea even in a clean salon. 

6.) Avoid The UV Light Gel Mani

The application and removal process of gel nails can be damaging to both your skin and nails. Therefore, it’s best to avoid the UV curing process and acetone removal process. Let it be an every now and then treat, not an every visit occurrence. In addition, gel paint stays in place so well, it can hide problematic signs of infection and skin cancer on your toenails, so you don’t want gel nails on the regular. 

7.) Lay Off Shaving Before Your Visit

Shaving opens your pores, which can allow bad bacteria to enter your body. Therefore, it’s best to avoid shaving before your salon visit. 

Putting Foot Health First 

Keep the seven salon safety tips listed above in mind before going in for your first pedicure of the season. Stay safe and keep your feet healthy and infection free! If you find yourself in need of a foot health consultation, please contact Red Mountain Footcare at (480) 219-4100.