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Top Foot Care Tips For Diabetics

Top 5 Tips for Diabetic Footcare

The disease of diabetes now affects more than 100 million American adults, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Some notable and dangerous┬ácomplications of this common disease are foot conditions like sores, ulcers, and infections, which can lead to a loss of a toe or worse. Therefore, with the prevalence of the disease…

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How to Keep Diabetic Feet Healthy

Many diabetics incur nerve damage, often making it difficult to feel sores, blisters, or cuts. Checking the feet nightly can be helpful in preventing infections; however, it may be difficult for the diabetic patient to check their feet due to arthritis, diminished eyesight or possible back problems. Having someone check the feet daily or using…

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Diabetic Foot Care

Millions of people are affected by diabetes each year. Diabetes damages blood vessels in all parts of the body, especially the feet. The legs and feet may develop slow blood flow, which causes neuropathy, or nerve damage. Once a diabetic patient develops neuropathy, it is important that the feet are well taken care of. Otherwise,…

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The Importance of Foot Inspections for Diabetics

It is important for people with diabetes to be extra careful with their feet, and to inspect them on a routine basis. Diabetics should look at their feet every day to see if there are any blisters, cuts, or wounds on them. If you are a diabetic and cannot physically do this on your own,…

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