elderly woman at the podiatristTaking care of your feet is instrumental in preventing potential injury, especially as you get older. The following are some tips on how to properly care for your feet.

Tips for Properly Caring for Feet in Advanced Age

1. Thoroughly Wash, Dry, and Moisturize Feet

It’s common among the elderly to suffer from both dry skin and fungal infections, especially toenail fungus. To tackle dry skin, wash your feet in warm water, dry thoroughly, and then apply moisturizer. Toenail fungus can be a burden to eliminate, so it’s recommended to see a podiatrist for treatment.

2. Wear comfortable and supportive footwear

Choosing the right footwear can mean the difference between comfort and injury. Avoid uncomfortable and unsupportive footwear such as heels, flats, or sandals. Instead, opt for athletic shoes as these offer more support, comfort, and protection. Always ensure that new shoes fit well and provide enough toe room. Orthotics are recommended for those with flat feet or those who need a better insole.

3. Pay attention to foot abnormalities

Finally, perform routine foot checks for any abnormalities or damage.

The Elderly and their Feet

As we age we start to notice many changes in our body, but the elder population may not notice them right away. Medical conditions may prevent the elderly to take notice of their foot health right away. Poor vision is a lead contributor to not taking action for the elderly.

Common Elderly Foot Conditions

  • Neuropathy – can reduce feeling in the feet, and can hide many life threating medical conditions.
  • Reduced flexibility – prevents the ability of proper toenail trimming, and foot cleaning. If left untreated, it may lead to further medical issues.
  • Foot sores – amongst the older population can be serious before they are discovered.

Some of the other problematic conditions they may face are:

  • Gouging toenails affecting nearby toe
  • Shoes that don’t fit properly
  • Pressure sores
  • Loss of circulation in legs & feet
  • Edema & swelling of feet and ankles

Susceptibility to Infections

Diabetes and poor circulation can cause general loss of sensitivity over the years, turning a simple cut into a serious issue.

Contact a Podiatrist

Proper foot care is something many older adults forget to consider. If you have any concerns about your feet and ankles, schedule an appointment with Dr. Spencer Hardy from Red Mountain Footcare. Our doctor can provide the care you need to keep you pain-free and on your feet.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office located in Mesa, AZ. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot and ankle needs.


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